Best Fitness Products launched in 2021

Fitness wearables have grown their dominance in 2021, due to nearly every company rushing to build products with blood oxygen measuring capabilities, a highly sought-after feature during the pandemic. A fitness tracker or smartwatch would be a terrific companion if your New Year’s objective is to get in shape in 2022. Over the year, we’ve examined several fitness headphones, trackers and smartwatches, and we’ve compiled a list of the best fitness products launched in 2021.


The Playfit Strength has a working capacity of up to 5 days with Bluetooth calling and a standby capacity of up to 7 days. After being fully charged in one go, the smartwatch can run for up to 5 days on a single charge. On the back of Ingression Protection (IP) code 67, this smartwatch can endure dust, water, and grime. Users can go for a carefree jog in the rain or utilise it during their gym sessions to fully explore the benefits of this watch.

Multiple sports modes, an around-the-clock heart rate tracker, a fitness trail, sleep monitoring capabilities, a SpO2 supervisor, a specially developed female health tracker, and a vigilant inactivity alert are all included in the Playfit Strength.

Customers can handle calls, messages, and other notifications without continually checking their devices with Playfit Strength, which also has BlueTooth control features. Accept or deny calls, check call records or use dial pads, control music, alarms, take remote images, and read messages are all simple tasks for users. If customers misplace their iPhones, which occurs very regularly, they may use these smartwatches to track them down.

Price : ₹4,999

JBL Live 660NC Wireless

The JBL Live 660NC Wireless are the best over-ear headphones for jogging. These well-made over-ear headphones offer a secure fit and should comfortably stay in place throughout moderate exertion such as a run. They offer an ‘Ambient Aware’ mode that allows you to hear your environment while listening to the audio, which is useful when running outside.

They offer simple physical controls that let you quickly switch between ANC and ‘Ambient Aware’ mode, as well as increase the volume, change the track, and answer calls. Their default sound setting adds a little additional punch and boom to keep you psyched up as you workout, and their over 24 hours of continuous battery life means you won’t have to recharge after each run.

Unfortunately, you may find that they cling to your head too tightly, especially if you wear them for long durations. Their ANC has trouble blocking out low-frequency noises like rumbling bus and airline engines, however, this may not be an issue if you wish to hear your surroundings while running. Overall, if you prefer over-ear headphones for jogging, their sturdy fit and lengthy continuous battery life make them a good choice.

Price : ₹12,999

Fitbit Charge 4

The Fitbit Charge 4 is a significant improvement over its predecessor, and the addition of GPS bridges the gap between fitness bands and full-fledged sports watches.

In general, the lack of a colour screen isn’t a big deal, but it does make the various watch faces less appealing than we’d like, and those with more info can be difficult to read due to their many shades of grey.

The UI, on the other hand, is fantastic, with just enough information to be useful without becoming cluttered. It’s a difficult balance to achieve, but it’s been done admirably here.

The companion app is also fantastic, however, you’ll need to upgrade to Fitbit Premium (or at the very least try the free trial) to get the most out of it. Plans and recommendations that leverage data from the tracker provide a whole new level of functionality, allowing the Fitbit Charge 4 to gently assist you toward healthier daily habits, whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned amateur athlete.

Price : ₹9,999

PLAYGO N37 headphones

These earphones use unique Enhanced Base Extra Loud (EBEL) drivers and are designed to be worn in the ear. With an integrated rapid charging circuit design and a type C charging connection, the device enables more than 3 hours of playtime in just 10 minutes of charging. It takes less than 40 minutes to fully charge. Out-of-the-box The PlayGo N37 sports a quality ultra-flexible silicone neckband that fits comfortably around the neck and improves the music listening experience. Users won’t have to worry about the earphones slipping off or getting caught somewhere. This audio wearable is also water and sweat resistant, having an ingress protection rating of X5 (IPX5). As a result, users may effortlessly utilise these high-quality headphones throughout strenuous gym sessions and collaborate with them to make remaining in shape more enjoyable.

A fully charged PlayGo N37 can provide up to 10 hours of playtime. The device, however, can survive for three hours of playtime even with a quick 10-minute charge. The device has a well-placed mic for crystal clear voice communication, as well as voice assistant compatibility with Google, Siri, and Alexa.

The PlayGo N37 is available in a variety of colours, including stylish Black and Yellow, Teal, and Red. It is a well-designed Bluetooth earpiece that will undoubtedly appeal to the needs of millennials and Generation Z. In other words, wearing these earbuds naturally raises the user’s fashion quotient due to the ultra-flexible neckband.

Price : ₹2,999

Bose Sport Earbuds

The self-explanatory-named Bose Sport Earbuds keep the great sound and secure fit of their predecessors, the SoundSport Free, but greatly reduce the amount they protrude from your ears, be it high-quality audio, reliable connectivity, and amazing comfort – all packed into a stylish and premium design, the Bose Sport Earbuds have the characteristics of a great pair of earphones that will see you through all types of sports. While battery life may be greater, unless you’re an endurance athlete looking for something to keep you going for hours of running or cycling, you’re unlikely to notice unless you’re looking for something to keep you going for hours.

These buds aren’t the cheapest, but they’re also not the priciest. The Sport Earbuds are worth every cent if you’re a regular runner or general fitness fanatic searching for truly wireless earbuds that are comfy, fantastic sounding, and long-lasting – all while staying in your ears no matter how hot and sweaty you become. They aren’t the best you can get, but they will appeal to Bose enthusiasts.

Price : ₹17,990

Written by Trendated Staff