Four best Navigation apps that make our lives easier

In the times when many flyovers are being built, many cafes are closing and something else is opening in their place, and people are shifting from one city to another for a job switch, it becomes challenging to reach the destination without any confusion. Amid all the excellent developments happening in the world, one technological advancement – navigation apps – is what helps us find our way.

While India banned Chinese apps, many Indian prodigies came up with various mobile app ideas, and with the help of the Make in India initiative, India witnessed a successful attempt of these applications coming to use.

Here are four navigation apps that help you reach your destination without any hassle.


Designed keeping in mind the cumbersome task of explaining addresses that the Indian audience has to face now and then, Pataa has significantly made people’s lives easier by giving their homes a digital address. This app helps convert the exact address into a unique short code, which is convenient to understand and easy to share. Explaining addresses has been made easy with this app with unique features like voice recording, tagging a landmark, sharing photos, and sharing addresses.

There are a lot of roads and localities in remote areas which are anonymous. Since these localities are not named, it is difficult for people to locate these areas. This problem has now been solved by Pataa. Another exciting feature of this application is live tracking which enables tracking visitors and delivery guys in real-time. This app has more than 50L+ downloads on the Play Store.


Many parts of India do not have proper formal addresses, making their identification difficult. MapmyIndia successfully addresses this problem and converts any address into six easy-to-remember easy-to-remember characters. People are saved from the cumbersome task of remembering, typing, searching or telling for long, complicated Indian addresses. This map allows you to search any address quickly and accurately without getting lost or wasting your time asking for directions. This app makes sure to take you to the exact doorstep. The application has ten lakhs plus downloads on the Google Play Store.

Karta GPS

Karta is a free application that provides live traffic updates & offline navigation. The app offers complete voice guidance, automatic rerouting as traffic conditions changes, voice search, reviews about restaurants, lane assistance, finding parking spots, etc. The app has 1cr.+ downloads on the Play Store.

GPS route finder

With 10 lakhs plus downloads rating on the Play Store, GPS route finder is an app to find the shortest route to your destination. With the help of this app, you can also locate places like ATMs, airports, hospitals, restaurants, pharmacies, etc. You can locate yourself, share your location, and look at the history of sites you have visited. This app also allows you to select map types like standard, hybrid, satellite, and terrain.

Written by Trendated Staff