HeadPhone Connect Brings Audiophiles and World’s Finest Audio Brand Together

After a gap of 2 long years, audio shows and audiophile community meet-up events around the world have restarted. We were super happy to be a part of the Headphone Connect, India’s premier audiophile event.

Hosted by Headphone Zone, India’s exclusive online store for headphones, earphones, and personal audio devices brings the world’s finest audio brands renowned for their sound, design, and style.

It was a unique audio show and community meetup combined in one and features the world’s finest headphone brands came together to showcase the latest from the world of high-end personal audio, headphones, and portable sound.

Headphone Connect started as a bunch of friends who came together to share their music in 2015 but quickly grew to become India’s biggest audiophile community event. Since then, Headphone Connect has had over 25 successful events across India, with 2000 music enthusiasts having attended them.

Headphone Connect was all about interaction and discovery. The Indian Audiophile community comes together at Headphone Connect to celebrate a common passion for music, but also to educate, share and learn the nuances of the hobby.

Participating audio brands include Astell&Kern, Audeze, Chord Electronics, Final, Focal, HEDD Audio, Meze Audio, and STAX to name a few.

Written by Shintu Dhang