An Interview with Mr. Manav Rattan, Head Of Education and Government MAXHUB Business

Manav Rattan is a sales and business development professional with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is currently the Head of Education and Government MAXHUB Business at CVTE India. Manav is passionate about using technology to transform learning and collaboration. He is a results-oriented leader with a proven track record of success. Under Manav’s leadership, the MAXHUB Education and Government business has experienced significant growth. But here is a little something for you to get in-depth knowledge from Mr. Manav Rattan into conversation with Shintu Dhang and gave us new MaxHub Strategies for the Indian market.

Q1. How is MAXHUB trying to change the way communication is delivered in India by making it more accessible, engaging & effective for all?
Ans. MAXHUB with the help of a variety of its products, combined with our impeccable software abilities & cloud computing is trying to make a change in the way communication is delivered in India by making it more accessible, engaging, & effective for all, some of our products are:

  1. MAXHUB V6: The Classic Series inherits the concept of minimalist design while delivering intuitive interactions as well as outstanding sound and video performance. For both local meetings and teleconferences, participants may visualize their ideas instantly. Communication on a Classic Series defies distance with the updated audio & visual systems, giving the distant meeting attendees the feeling as if they were joining the session in person, and not realizing that it’s virtual.
  2. MAXHUB UC S10: Superior imagery and pro audio ensure see every face is viewed and every word is heard, combined with Built-in Android provides an effortless connection. The Easy setup and operation remove every barrier to successful meetings the UC S10 enables sharing ideas, images, and data with ease and keeps the meeting flowing with its “Wireless Screen Sharing & Parallel Wi-Fi networking”.
  3. MAXHUB SPEAKERPHONE: The device comes with Bluetooth Speakerphone for Teleconferencing, its 360° Omnidirectional Voice Pickup1 has the ability to sense audio from any direction, even from a distance also, and the crystal-clear sound effect ensures everything is heard clearly & communicated properly, the ease of wireless charging uses no long cords that get tangled, and its 8-hour long Playtime ensures smooth usage throughout the day.
  4. The MAXHUB UC PTZ HD/ 4K Camera: The UC PTZ is a next-generation video conferencing device that comes with a phenomenal HD/4k camera quality combined with a State-of-the-art remote control, for a natural, seamless, and organic conferencing experience. As the top-performing PTZ camera from MAXHUB, this device is undoubtedly the perfect choice for companies that are in search of unrivalled quality, which unlocks Incredible Video Conferencing from anywhere, its compact and lightweight design, combined with a video that works anywhere at any time making it the ultimate partner for 4K conferencing convenience.
  5. MAXHUB EDUCATION SERIES: The education series is specially crafted for class preparation, class delivery, campus management, and distance learning. The interactive flat panel comes with a simple design, and low parallax, ensuring immersive learning, the crystal clear UHD screen with a responsive touch makes education more interesting for students & easier for

Q2. What technology does MAXHUB use to take education to the next level?
Ans. The use of Cloud-based Writing and Interactive software ensures wherever we make our PPTs and sync them with the cloud, to open it anywhere at any place where the MAXHUB panel is installed and begin conferencing, no other gadgets (pen drive, Laptop, hard disk, etc,) is required, just simply need to Scan, and open the desired PPT through the QR code-Scan (Note and Air Share software). People connect with the panels from any place around the world and can take Notes and share their views. Through PIP we can use both the operating system at the same time in the Panel which helps us to optimize our desired purpose. Connect with UC- PTZ camera and Panel, online on social platforms, connect with the Rural and Urban class of society, and start educating and learning. So we can Control and manage the devices remotely from anywhere, thanks to the Device Management system introduced by MAXHUB.

Q3. What are the target markets that you are looking at?
Ans. According to the industry, we can target Corporate Application / retails, Education, utilities & process control, Broadcasting ventures, Security & Surveillance agencies, Virtual & Augmented reality.

Written by Shintu Dhang