An Interview with Mr. Sanjoy Bhattacharya, IT Business Head, ViewSonic India

Sanjoy Bhattacharya, IT Business Head of ViewSonic, India has been a part of the Indian IT hardware and display segment for 27 years. Working with IT companies since 1990, he has vast experience in the IT peripherals & Display business and was associated with organizations like TVS Electronics, Redington India Ltd., and Eureka Forbes Good Health. Sanjoy possesses rich knowledge of the Indian Display Industry, International Panel-Price Trends, and Channel Management. He has been awarded by the Computer Society of India for his contribution to the Indian IT Hardware industry. Currently, he spearheads the sales and day-to-day business operations of ViewSonic LCD monitors which will help to solidify ViewSonic’s place in the market. But here is a little something for you to get in-depth knowledge from Mr. Sanjoy Bhattacharya into conversation with Shintu Dhang and gave us new ViewSonic Strategies for the Indian market.

Brief us about yourself & your roles at ViewSonic India?

At ViewSonic India, I work as the IT Business Head and look for IT products in the Indian market.

I have over 28 years of experience in the field of IT hardware and display segment. I have worked with Eureka Forbes, TVS, Redington, spent over 16 years with LG Electronics and then worked with Acer briefly before joining ViewSonic India.

What are ViewSonic’s strategies for the Indian market?

Indian market is blooming in every sector from retail, technology, FMCG and many more. In the next few years, the audiovisual industry is expecting a lot of change and shift in its end users.

ViewSonic has observed more growth of monitors in comparison with monitor business globally, and thus we are focusing on Indian market, as we are going to bring innovative technology and solutions with respect to the better normal situation.

Preferences or choices amongst the consumers have made a shift in the pandemic time. We witnessed a growth in the demand for multimedia products like speakers, HDMI+, and multiple connectivity options as soon as the country went into lockdown. A lot of people working from home switched to bigger monitor screens and our products with 24 and 27 inches saw a rise in sales.

It is an important phase for us to develop and enhance our products and services to distinguish ourselves in the industry.

How does ViewSonic brand shape up the Indian gaming market in 2021?

With the pandemic, it is observed that the numbers of gaming enthusiasts in India are growing. We are planning to launch elite gaming monitors which can leverage the gaming experience at par for our end users.

Last year, we launched XG2405 Gaming Monitor which was targeted for competitive gamers and was embedded with features like 3-side borderless IPS LED screen for immersive multi-monitor gaming e monitors, ViewSonic elite experience.

Our pursuit is to offer latest technology in the gaming sector and deliver what our gamers require.

How ViewSonic manages to provide its service during the pandemic?

As the entire nation went into lockdown in March 2020, every business started seeing a downfall. Post the lockdown, when everyone started adapting to the new normal and the on-ground operations were resumed in the various industries, we started focusing again to deliver nothing but the best to our audiences. During the lockdown when everyone was working from home, our team was able to curb this challenge and our distributors and logistics worked seamlessly. Also, as mentioned earlier there were certain products which were high in demand during that phase but our team managed well and delivered.

Can you give us a glance at Gaming monitors in India? Is ViewSonic plans to provide a unique experience with innovative technologies?

Most of the electronic brands have entered the gaming monitors segment as the segment is witnessing a surge in the demand amongst the younger generation and avid gamers. Though Mobile gaming is still high on preference but monitor offers a different experience. The developers are creating new games with stunning visuals, which can be best experienced on larger screens as compared to a smartphone screen. Monitors with value-added features such as high refresh rates, high resolution and HDR capabilities further enhance the gaming experience.

Offering monitors with the latest technology, dwelled with high-end features and catering to the customer need is what we focus at. XG2405, our star Gaming Monitor has done very well in the market last year. With stylish design, the product offers perfection for graphic-intense gaming, equipped with Flicker-free technology & Blue Light Filter, AMD FreeSync Technology which helps in eliminating screen tearing and choppy frame rates.

Soon, we will also be offering professional monitors along with an astonishing touch-based monitor. Our products will be more inclined and enhanced and we look to offer best to our customers.

What are the new trends that will buzz throughout 2021?

In 2021, we are still expecting that a lot of people will continue working from home. . We are anticipating that a lot of people will be shifting to good display monitors and we will focus to launch new products imbibed with latest technology offering the best in class quality.

Also, a good display like HD and 4K will remain an important factor for consumers while purchasing a monitor.

How much effort does it take to bring new technologies to the consumers?

To develop any product or technologies an entire R&D team, testing team, manufacturing and sales all are involved to bring better and best for the consumers.

How essential and big India is “as a market” for ViewSonic?

As we are observing that the technology sector in India is developing at a faster rate and growing tremendously. For ViewSonic, India is one of the top 5 markets globally, where we are looking to establish for a longer period.

We are looking to expand and grow our business portfolio in the Indian market in the coming years.

Written by Shintu Dhang