Baybot Launched MotionAlert – A motion sensor that detects movements accurately 

After a successful launch of its first product ‘OpenAlert’, Mumbai-based Baybot has announced its next product in securing homes and workspaces. Introducing MotionAlert – a simple, yet highly efficient motion sensor that detects movements accurately and sends an instant notification to your smartphone. This wireless connected device can also be put to work to open doors, switch on lights, and a lot more by integrating this into a smart environment using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or IFTTT. 

Imagine a scenario — your baby is all alone sleeping peacefully in her room and a stray cat just happened to visit her crib through the window. Or a situation where your retail store’s locker room area has an unexpected visitor at night. How would you know any of this is happening when you aren’t at the location? Let’s take another scenario – your aged grandma is visiting you and has trouble walking around easily. She heads to the restroom at midnight but does not know where the light switch is. Simply install a Baybot MotionAlert in every area that needs to be monitored for movement, or automated with movement. In short, a BayBot MotionAlert is a simple, yet powerful connected sensor that works towards alerting you the moment it senses activity in the area it is installed. Additionally, it can also be paired with smart AI-based assistants and IFTTT to automate almost everything based on a movement sensing algorithm.

Baybot’s MotionAlert is a Wi-fi-enabled motion sensor that runs off just two AAA cells and connects to your home or office Wi-Fi. Mount it to the ceiling or wall with the bundled 2-way adhesive or wall-mounting accessory and leave the rest to Baybot. Pair the MotionAlert to your cloud account and instantly start receiving alerts on your smartphone the moment there is any activity detected in the room or area.

Baybot MotionAlert can sense movement in a 5-meter radius/distance from it. The best installation places are the ceiling and walls, but avoid using them in corners. Once set up, you can monitor the security status from your smartphone directly. When it detects motion, it will instantly send an alert to your smartphone. Secure your home, office, warehouses/storerooms, strong rooms, and any place you need additional security.

And to make things even better, you can assign MotionAlert to work along with some of your smart devices at home or office. Use it to trigger doors locks, room lights, stairway lights, turn on the spotlights at the entrance or gate, ring a chime the moment you have a customer at the shop, and anything you can imagine to be automated (even turn on the music/AC when someone moves in). All you need to do is have over that automation to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or IFTTT. 


The Baybot MotionAlert Smart Wireless Motion Sensor will be available for ₹1,849 on and, with a 12-month warranty period.

Written by Trendated Staff