BenQ Launched QHD Monitors

BenQ has recently launched its latest product – the GW90QT series of QHD monitors. These monitors are designed for maximum efficiency, making them ideal for any task, while also offering easy switching between devices and work activities.

The GW90QT series is available in two sizes, 27” and 32”, and boasts a 2K resolution, making it one of the first monitors in BenQ’s mainstream range to offer such high-quality display technology. The monitors are also equipped with highly distinguishable shades of colour, coding mode, and m-book mode, which makes it easier for users to work on different types of projects with precision and clarity.

“GW90QT monitors series is meant to help balance work and life efficiently and easily,” said Rajeev Singh, Managing Director of BenQ South Asia. “He further added, that “their USB-C 65W power delivery architecture along with noise filter speakers and noise cancellation microphones for clear-cut vocals in any environment will facilitate remote collaboration, simplifying multitasking productivity at traditional workspaces, at home, or even on the go. Additionally, it has a compatible accessory monitor base cover GC01 which comes with two base cover inserts: a light grey cover with grooves and niches for smartphones, cables, pens, and office paraphernalia, and a green studded platform for setting up fun building blocks and brick figures to enable users to get tasks done fast with style.”

One of the key features of these monitors is their premium eye-care technology, which makes them ideal for long periods of use without causing any strain on the user’s eyes. The GW90QT series comes in a sleek white-coloured design, making it a stylish addition to any workspace.

BenQ’s new monitors are designed to provide maximum efficiency, making them perfect for professionals who need to work on multiple projects simultaneously. With the easy switching feature, users can seamlessly switch between their devices and work activities, making their workday more productive and streamlined.

The GW90QT series of monitors are now available for purchase worldwide. With their cutting-edge technology, easy switching between devices, and stylish design, these monitors are sure to be a hit with professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Written by Trendated Staff