FIFINE Microphones Launched 3 New Hi-Fidelity Microphones

FIFINE Microphones has announced its three new top-of-the-line studio-quality microphones in India. The newly launched microphones FIFINE T732, T683 and K658 are specially designed to make the recording experience better than before. Be it professional recordings at a studio or just for your casual Insta-YouTube stints, the three new plug-n-play microphones will take care of your audio quality like a pro. Origin Marketing represents FIFINE Microphones in the Indian Marketing space since 2019, with the same motto of getting the best-of-the-best FIFINE Technology to India and changing the recording and streaming industry. Within 2 years, FIFINE Technology along with Origin has established itself as one of the prominent brands in the Microphone Industry.

FIFINE K683B USB Condenser Microphone:


  • PLUG AND PLAY – Compatible with Mac, PS4 and Windows and compatible with Type-A and Type-C USB ports. It is completely plug-n-play and needs no driver installations. Instantly start live streaming, podcasting, computer gaming, ZOOM meetings and more, with this external USB microphone. (Note: Not compatible with Xbox)
  • STUDIO QUALITY SOUND – The cardioid condenser mic offers crystal-clear audio with minimum background noise. The wide frequency response and the large-diaphragm precisely reproduce every detail of your voice. Get superior audio whether you’re recording vocals, music or even lectures.
  • EASY-TO-REACH CONTROLS – The Gain knob helps enable quick adjustments if there is any sensitivity, lack of sound or distortion during live broadcasting. Or if you want to take a break amid a podcast, use the instant mute button. And there is a 3.5mm headphone jack on the rear for real-time monitoring too.
  • DETACHABLE POP FILTER – No for extra accessories – this mic comes with a compatible pop filter that helps reduce pops and will keep your audiences from being distracted by the harsher sounds. Additionally, the strong tripod stand allows you to adjust it to the most comfortable positions possible.
  • WHAT YOU GET – An all-metal studio microphone, a Desk Stand, a Pop filter, a 6.56ft USB-B to USB A/C cable and a User Manual with a guide video. It also comes with a 12-month warranty and friendly tech support to ensure a hassle-free experience.

FIFINE T732 USB Gaming and Streaming Microphone Set:


  • Easy to Setup: Simply install the boom arm, attach the mic, plug it into your computer and you are good to go. This mic kit is fully compatible with Windows and Mac OS and is completely driverless plug-n-play. Super easy to record your YouTube video right away. (Note: Not compatible with Xbox.)
  • Clean and Smooth: The cardioid pickup pattern and clear frequency response will deliver clean and uninterrupted sound in a variety of settings, such as streaming, singing, voice-over, etc. You’ll be recording studio-quality audio in real-time which can be easily synced to Discord, Adobe Audition, and Streamlabs OBS with great ease. The double shielding USB cable (with magnet rings) effectively reduces the interference and statics.
  • Adjustable Arm Stand: Mounts tight to the desk so you could easily extend the USB boom mic closer to you. Or simply push the mic down to get it out of the way during your live podcasts. Perfect for your little home studio too. The included small tripod and foam cover will come in handy for your laptop if you intended on travelling a lot.
  • Dual-Layer Pop Filter: The sturdy gooseneck pop filter not only reduces plosive sounds hitting the mic but also makes the sound silky smooth without muffling or distorting it in any way. The podcast USB Mic Pop Filter kit saves you a lot of time editing pops and noises on your audio files and additionally keeps moisture off the mic, preserving your equipment.
  • Sturdy Mic kit Combo: The kit comes with a rugged condenser Mic, a strong scissor arm stand, a metal shock mount, a pop filter, a foam mic windscreen, a table mounting clamp, a tripod stand, a 98-in’ USB-B to USB-A Cable, a 12-month warranty period and above all–a great customer service. The table mounting clamp can be easily attached to a desk with a thickness is up to 5 inches.

FIFINE T683 Gaming and Streaming Microphone Kit:


  • IMPROVED EXPERIENCE – The cardioid streaming mic with a pop filter is an excellent choice to eliminate background noise and pick up a clean tone in your voice. Benefiting from the premium mic capsule and the wide response range, the USB vocal mic offers a great balance of bass and treble which keeps the sound natural and true-to-life. Perfect for podcasting, streaming games, YouTube productions, Zoom meetings and chatting on Discord.
  • ADJUSTABLE ARM STAND – The Mic stand is extremely sturdy and easily swivels in any orientation you need it to be in. The Mic and its accessories won’t get in the way of a successful podcast, and less likely to pick up thumps from the desktop or clicks from the keyboard. You can tightly mount the microphone to your desk or table up to 2 inches thick.
  • PLUG & PLAY – Compatible with Mac, PS4 and Windows PC laptop, no phantom power is required to run this Mic – no adapter needed – all you need is a Type-C USB port and you can instantly start recording and streaming. There’s a 6.6ft long USB cable – good enough for PC-setup users. (Note: Not compatible with Xbox)
  • USEFUL FEATURES – Gain control, Mute button and LED indicator make it easy-to-use and extremely handy. Additionally, the headphone jack allows you to monitor your voice in real-time, mixed with audio from your computer. Instant listening to make sure your streams sound great.
  • EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED – The all-metal studio USB microphone in matte black, a pop filter, a shock mount, a boom arm, a table mount, a 6.6ft USB-B to USB A/C cable and a user manual with a guide video. A great fit for the home studio that you’re looking to build. Great for game streamers too!

Written by Trendated Staff