FiiO launched M11 Plus (ESS) Hi-Resolution Portable Music Player in India

FiiO announced the new M11 Plus (ESS) Hi-Resolution Portable Music Player in India. The player is priced at ₹59990 and is now available for purchase at and leading online & retail stores.

Key features of the M11 Plus ESS are below:

  • In the M11 Plus is a Snapdragon 660 with a 4 big / 4 small core architecture plenty capable of providing a smartphone-like smooth experience.
  • The M11 Plus is equipped with 2 of the ES9068AS DAC chips.
  • The THX AAA-78 amps of the THX AAA Frontier series will let you experience every last sound and detail.
  • The M11 Plus contains the first iteration of FiiO’s version of Android 10.
  • The M11 Plus supports decoding MQA tracks in 8x mode – allowing for rich, master-quality sound reproduction with high sampling rates in manageable file sizes.
  • All to DSD technology is now in its 3rd generation, with 30% lower power consumption compared to the previous-gen, less unwanted harmonics, and a softer, purer sound.
  • 11.5hours battery life + 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm headphone outputs + Two-way LDAC Bluetooth + Two-way Type-C + USB Audio/DAC + SPDIF output + QC4.0 quick charge + 2.4/5G WiFi + DLNA + WiFi file transfer + FiiO Link + AirPlay

Written by Trendated Staff