PLAY Launches PLAYGO DUALPODS Featuring Dual Drivers

PLAY, an Indian start-up providing hearable technology products, has launched PLAYGO DUALPOD. Available at just ₹1799, PLAYGO DUALPODS are TWS Pods available for Indian consumers looking for the best audio experience. The pods allow users to enjoy a true wireless experience and move freely while working from home or at the office, exercising at the gym or simply walking down the street. PLAYGO DUALPODS come in the vibrant hues of Teal Green, Space Grey and Galaxy Black.

Integrated with DUAL drivers (two drivers in every pod despite small ear designs), the PLAYGO DUALPODS provide an immersive audio listening experience. The drivers are embedded with Enhanced Bass, Extra Loud (EBEL) sound drivers to give users reverb and thump coupled with high sensitivity while listening to music or high-bass audio. Additionally, the PLAYGO DUALPODS do an excellent job at environment Noise reduction (ENR), ensuring a seamless audio conversation in addition to an immersive audio experience.

Speaking on this occasion, Hamish Patel, Chief Product Officer at PLAY, saidWe are immensely pleased with the launch of PLAYGO DUALPOD which is a true showcase of our design capabilities and future product roadmap. We have always been conscious of our TG’s aspirations, not forgetting their budget constraints for their desirable audio experience. With PLAYGO DUALPODS, we raise the industry benchmark of customer satisfaction and do justice to our core motto of happy and satisfied customer acquisition. PLAYGO DUALPODS is a designed-in-India, made-in-India and made-for-India product that stands up to showcase the Indian design and manufacturing capabilities. Promising electrifying, pocket-friendly and uniquely designed attributes, the PLAYGO DUALPODS will surely find merit amidst the Indian clientele.

PLAYGO DUALPODS – Specifications and Availability

Designed by PLAY’s in-house R&D team, the PLAYGO DUALPODS buds weigh around 3.7gm a piece, making them comfortable for a long duration. The pods can fit snugly in ears and reduce audio loss and separate users from external noises. Integrated with dual and EBEL drivers accompanied by high-sensitivity design, the DUALPODS provides an enhanced and high-quality sound experience to users. 

The PLAYGO DUALPODS is also equipped with a premium-grade microphone to provide crystal-clear calls. The device offers a playtime of up to 30 hours with the charging case and 5 hours on a single charge. It also has a USB Type-C charging connector for rapid charging.

The PLAYGO DUALPODS also comes with a BlueTooth 5.1 chip. It can connect with the smartphone immediately, eliminating the need to unlock the phone. 

The touch controls of PLAYGO DUALPODS also sport voice assistants, including Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa, enabling users to change track, accept & reject calls, and even control the volume with a slight touch. Furthermore, the IPX4 rating ensures that users can enjoy the workout experience or drizzle in July-August without worrying about the pods getting damaged by sweat or rain. 

PLAYGO DUALPODS is available at e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart or PLAY’s official website.

Written by Trendated Staff