Bobble Indic Keyboard Now Show IPL Scores While you Chat

India’s popular tournament, Indian Premier League a.k.a IPL has finally started, and the cricket enthusiasts can’t keep calm. Sensing the enthusiasm, Bobble AI has introduced the first-ever ‘IPL Score Bar’ on a keyboard. The IPL new keyboard display ‘Score Bar’ while users are having a conversation. It is placed right above the Emoji Bar, and shows live scores, details about teams, players, while users chat and share. The score bar gets activated 30 minutes before the match and stays active for 30 minutes after the game.

Commenting on the newly introduced feature, Ankit Prasad, Founder, and CEO, Bobble AI said, “Cricket is one of the most celebrated sports in India. The enthusiasm, conversations, and expressiveness of our users are heightened while watching an IPL match, especially when we know that people are now looking beyond OTT for their entertainment. With users generating more than 120 sessions on an average on mobile keyboards, we decided to take the lead through our cutting-edge AI and introduced an IPL Bar within the keyboard. This will enable the users to remain updated while having conversations with their friends and family members”.

There is a share icon on the IPL score bar, letting users share the live scores with their friends, family, and colleagues during their virtual meetings. In addition to this, Bobble AI also has launched conversational stickers and GIFs. During the match, users can support their preferred teams and players, talk regarding scores via single tap stickers and ecstatic GIFs. Bobble AI has also included a section “IPL Themes – Live Scores & Updates” with uniquely curated themes of different teams which can change the look and feel of the keyboard, providing an immersive experience for the user.

Download Link: Bobble Indic Keyboard

Written by Shintu Dhang