COLORFUL Announced Battle-Ax Redline DDR5 and DDR4 Gaming Memory

Colorful Technology has unveiled the Battle-Ax Redline Series gaming memory. The series is specifically designed to support the latest Intel and AMD platforms and is available in DDR4 and DDR5 memory kits.

The Battle-Ax Redline Series features a new look with low-profile heat spreaders that match its beastly performance specifications, with an aggressive design. The Battle-Ax Redline DDR5 sports a white/red heat spreader, while the Battle-Ax Redline DDR4 is available in a black/red color scheme.

The COLORFUL Battle-Ax Redline DDR5 memory is the flagship product in this series and is optimized for high-performance computing applications. It offers a high-frequency DDR5-6000MHz, with a tight CL30 CAS latency. The memory kit is available in a (2x16GB) 32GB kit and supports Intel XMP 3.0 and AMD EXPO memory overclocking technology for Intel and AMD platforms, respectively. This gaming memory is ideal for power users, gamers, and enthusiasts who require a high level of performance for their computing needs.

The COLORFUL Battle-Ax Redline DDR4 gaming memory also comes in a high-performance specification, featuring DDR4-4000 with CL19 CAS latency. It supports Intel XMP 2.0 memory overclocking technology and is aimed at users looking to build PCs using the latest Intel and AMD platforms, but with more affordable DDR4 motherboard models. The Battle-Ax Redline DDR4 gaming memory is available in (2x16GB) 32GB and (2x8GB) 16GB kits, providing a range of kit capacities for entry-level to high-end PC configurations.

The Battle-Ax Redline Series gaming memory from Colorful Technology is an excellent choice for users who want to upgrade their computer’s memory and enhance their system’s overall performance. The low-profile heat spreaders with an aggressive design and high-performance specifications make this gaming memory stand out from other products in the market. The Battle-Ax Redline DDR5 and DDR4 gaming memory kits are available for purchase from authorized retailers and online stores.

Memory Kit Specifications

Battle-Ax Redline DDR5White/Red16GB*26000MHzCL301.35V
Battle-Ax Redline DDR4Black/Red16GB*24000MHzCL191.4V
Battle-Ax Redline DDR4Black/Red8GB*24000MHzCL191.4V

Written by Trendated Staff