Gabbardeals Acquires InstaOne to power ‘Local Retailers’ across India

Pune-based omni-channel O2O platform Gabbardeals has acquired InstaOne Software Pvt Ltd to power ‘local retailers’ in India. InstaOne Software is a SaaS-based company offering end-to-end solutions allowing retail and distribution with a seamless experience across channels. Backed by Venture Catalysts, Gabbardeals is an implemented retail operating platform that connects brands, consumers, and retailers, and is operating with local stores across the country to assist them source better and sell better. The acquisition will allow Gabbardeals to build a full stack of PoS systems to better last-mile connectivity and delivery of consumer electronics. They are putting technology in the hands of the neighbourhood retailer, helping them with better pricing and distribution.

From the outset in July 2019, Gabbardeals targeted the unique needs of India, and today more than half the retailers on its platform come from tier-2+ towns. The organization has also launched a series of integrated assistive tools, including WhatsApp Chatbot to lead users that talk in their desired language. The organization will soon be launching its B2C mobile application in the coming days that enable users to discover the best deals from their favourite stores nearby.  

Advantage Local Retailer

  • Gabbardeals has developed a tech-ecosystem for local retailers to acquire a more extensive customer base who are challenged by e-commerce and now by the pandemic. They have designed an India-specific O2O strategy that marries localization and personalization. AI/ML technology at the backend personalizes the interface for a retailer based on geography, preferences, and behaviour. The strong supply chain allows small retailers to get access to brands and build relevant inventory from a single platform. Gabbardeals acts as a catalyst and enables discoverability, convenience, digitization, and secure lead-conversion in real-time. 
  • A 3X increase in the retailer enquiry for Gabbardeals Franchise since March 2020

Advantage Consumer 

  • Gabbardeals targets consumers who seek instant delivery and prefer human assistance when it comes to consumer electronics. The platform lets the discoverability of a product in their neighbourhood and ensures the best deals with the best experience. 

Advantage OEMs and manufacturers  

  • Gabbardeals has tied up with all the leading brands and is deepening relationships every quarter. The strong retail network presents an opportunity for brands to build salience, generate sustained revenues, and tap unchartered territories.  

On the acquisition, Niraj Raka, Founder, and CEO, Gabbardeals, commented, “India has a widespread network of small retailers across the country. We at Gabbardeals are creating a new digital retail model, which blends the online and offline worlds seamlessly. Acquisition of InstaOne, along with its talented team of top performers, will tremendously accelerate GabbarDeals’ pursuit of becoming a leading player in the Indian retail market.”

“We have a positive contribution margin and are gross profitable from Day-1. To date, we have sold close to 1 lakh mobile phones, gadgets, and accessories through 50 franchisees. We have achieved INR 100+ crore in Gross merchandise value (GMV) within the first year of operations.” He added.  

Written by Shintu Dhang