How Tech Firms are Prioritizing Employee Wellbeing in Covid Second Wave!

With the continuing surge of the Covid crisis, various organizations come forward to aid their employees, in areas where the authorities are lacking. While the giants of the industry and others hold the affordability to help their employees and their families with necessary measures and subsidies, small startups in Delhi are nowhere far. Below is a list of major companies that came forward to help their resources in these hard times.

Mike Chen, General Manager, TCL India

Our first priority is vaccines, which we are really trying to arrange for free for our employees. We are making sure that our employees are working from home. We not only care for them but also for their families, and so our internal team is constantly checking with employees if everyone in their family is fine or not. If someone is feeling down, be it their physical health or mental health we are there for them. Our call centre service is also open daily from 10:00am to 10:00pm for providing assistance to our customers. We are in this fight together, we will defeat it.

Sandeep Singh, Co-Founder and President, Khabri

In these highly unpredictable times, if we can give the employees the confidence that we trust them, come what may, it forges a long term trust bond. Trust is a highly scarce trait these days, and that’s what we plan to instil with a reciprocal expectation. It doesn’t change much except the salary cycle and advance cash flow by 30 days. We plan to launch an ‘unlimited leave’ policy, which specifically means that there are no stipulated amount of annual leaves, the employee can avail as many leaves as he wants in the year. We want the employees to run the company as their own venture and hence no stipulations for leaves right from the founders to the base level.

Abhishek Kumar,Regional Director, Oncam

We are carrying out internal campaigns to increase awareness around wellbeing (we have done one on healthy eating and will be having another one around mental health by the end of the month). We are holding regular all-hands meetings for business updates as well as remote quizzes to improve communication among team members and keep up flagging spirits. Extended time off is being granted in case of sickness and bereavement.

Written by Shintu Dhang