TCL Rolls Out Campaigns for IPL 2022

TCL has launched multiple social media and offline campaigns and contests intending to inspire greatness and make the most out of the IPL 2022. Apart from becoming the official sponsors of the Sunrisers Hyderabad team, TCL has announced multiple engagement activities to keep the consumers entertained during the event. These campaigns and contests aim to inspire greatness and promote the brand’s USP of bringing people closer to technology. As per the company, their campaigns stay true to their trademark of unconventional creative approach, which makes them appeal to the masses. The campaigns and contests are in line with TCL’s partnership with the SRH team. 

In today’s fast-paced and tiring schedule people look out for entertainment and the brand aims to deliver next-level entertainment at home, Vijay Kumar Mikkilineni, Head of Marketing, TCL India, stated. “We want to provide a high-octane life-like cricket watching experience so that our consumers don’t miss even a single on-field emotion or ball flick. The brand wishes to strengthen its bond with the consumers and the cricket community and establish its progressive stance in the sports ecosystem. We need to be reflective of the persona of the person we cater to and that’s what led us to design the campaign in this manner.”

What the Campaign is All About

As a part of these campaigns, the brand would be running various engagement activities and contests both through the digital and offline mediums as well. Not only this, the brand has also announced exciting giveaways to the winners of these activities. The entire campaign has been designed with certain ideas in mind and to achieve various goals. While in the initial stage of the campaign the brand will be focusing on social media activities, in the second part the brand would focus more on driving engagement, in the third stage the brand will look to generate website traffic through website campaign, and in the final part of the campaign, the brand will conduct certain activities both in the online and offline market. 

What’s in Store for You

Participate in the TCL #InspireGreatness challenge & get a chance to win amazing prizes

How to Participate:

1. Visit & follow @tcl_india on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

2. Tell us what Inspires you to Inspire Greatness

3. Tag 3 friends

4. Don’t forget to use our dedicated hashtags – #TCL & #InspireGreatness

When to Participate

The first phase of the contest is already live on social media from March 23, 2022 and will be active till May 29, 2022.

What to Expect

The winner would be rewarded with an exciting prize to encourage more participation. 

When to Participate

This campaign is already live on social media from March 25, 2022, and will be active till May 29, 2022. 

The 6 Balls to Greatness Contest

The focus here would be on website engagement through gamification to garner more registrations, engage new users, and above all maintain retention. The contest is named the ‘6 Balls to Greatness’, where the users will be asked to hit 6 balls with one wicket in hand once a week and make maximum runs. While the contest would believe the leaderboard would be ticking letting you know your position in the match. All you need to do is register yourself on TCL website and start the game to inspire greatness. To drive more engagement, the brand will also be giving 2 extra balls to play per successful referral. The users will be free to refer as many people as they can. 

When to Participate

Interested people can visit the TCL India website from April 4, 2022, to May 29, 2022, and participate in the contest. 

Spin the Wheel contest and Guess the Winner activity will be live on TCL’s social handles and in the offline market from March 26, 2022, till May 29, 2022. 

There’s more to Win

Apart from these interesting campaigns and contests, TCL has also announced exciting gifts in form of Bluetooth Headphones along with selected models when purchased from the offline market. The brand invites people to come and experience greatness in their nearest offline store and become a part of the Inspire Greatness journey. 

Written by Trendated Staff