Toppr Answr Collaborates with Google Assistant to clear Students Doubts

Toppr, a k12 after-school learning platform, is partnering with Google Assistant to resolve students’ doubts instantly and learn subjects’ concepts through voice search. This launch is a first-of-its-kind in the Indian EdTech space. 

Toppr aims to leverage Google’s voice command feature and give easy access to Toppr Answr’s 1.6 million verified question answers to students. Toppr Answr also comprises topic-wise videos, stories, concept cards, short 5-minute learning posts and much more. 

The Google Assistant feature has now been rolled out across 1 Billion+ Google Assistant compatible devices in India. Students can now immediately initiate a voice search with a simple “OK Google” command followed by “Talk to Toppr Answr/ Ask Toppr Answr/ Speak with Toppr Answr” and find relevant answers from Toppr Answr’s repository. Toppr Answr is now accessible across 1 Billion+ Google Assistant compatible devices globally.

Elaborating on the rollout of the new feature, Rahul Shetty – VP Product Toppr adds,Asking doubts is more natural than typing them out or taking pictures and uploading (them). Kids today are tech-savvy and it will be interesting to see them interact with voice assistants for their learning needs. Considering that the Google Assistant is on most Android devices, it was a natural fit for us. Toppr Answr already has 90+ million sessions/month on app & web. With Google Assistant, it has become more accessible”

Currently, Toppr Answr has up to 35 Million monthly active user base who can obtain answers to questions, short guides, learning content like videos, concept stories, shortcuts & tricks as 5 min posts. The future goal is to combinethese features on Google Assistant and make the voice channel an integral part of every student’s learning journey.

Written by Trendated Staff