Vijay Sales Announced Partial Booking Offer for Lockdown Restricted Cities

With the pandemic testing people’s spirits, Vijay Sales has come up with something exciting to look forward to. Vijay Sales brings partial booking to the market. Under this offer, customers can pay a 10% amount upfront to book any item from their website and pay the outstanding amount when the deliveries are back in order. This offer is only applicable in those cities where deliveries are restricted due to the lockdown.

Commenting on the notable offer, Karan Gupta, Director, of Vijay Sales, said, “Instead of paying the entire amount in one go to book their favourite appliances, our latest offer will enable the customers to book any product from our website by paying 10% and be assured of lightning-fast deliveries once deliveries are back on track. We at Vijay Sales believe in staying committed to our customers by providing them with a hassle-free shopping experience”.

Written by Shintu Dhang