Getting bored in extended lockdown? Here are the Best TV to watch your Favourite series.

You were thrilled when it was revealed that you were locked because now you have a reason to sit at home and do nothing but binge-watch television. You think you finished this series of inactive shows. The list is now over and you can’t find another wonderful performance to see. TV programmes are an excellent way to pass time in the existing lock-down scenario. Each day, the number of reported cases in India continues to increase and, thus, the only option left is to remain within the home and keep social distance. What do you do when you’re sick of OTT and you can’t go because a raging pandemic is happening outside? Here we have listed the best TVs that can give you an amazing experience being home.

TCL C715

A high-end 4K QLED TV, C715 supports both HDR 10 and HDR 10+ coupled with Dolby Vision, which makes it highly powerful in terms of colour, contrast, and brightness. It also offers other premium features such as quantum dot technology for true-to-life images and videos and has Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD for truly amazing sound quality. For convenient and smart content search and discovery, the device also offers hands-free voice control. It is available in a 55-inch variant and is priced at ₹60,499, Available on Amazon and nearby physical stores too.


Realme RMV2001 brings astounding colour and details on screen. Featuring a bezel-less design, SLED 4K Display, and 24-watt speakers with Dolby Audio, this premium TV offers you the harmony of life-like colours and enthralling audio to entertain you in a way you’d love to be. Featuring SLED technology, this TV has an ultra-wide colour gamut and an incredibly high NTSC colour space. All this only makes for a remarkable picture quality that is loaded with vivid and life-like colours and fine detail. It is available in a 55-inch variant and is priced at ₹40,999. Available on Flipkart.


This 55-inch OnePlus TV comes with a QLED 4K display and a colour range of NTSC 120% so that you can experience vivid and crisp visuals. This TV comes equipped with the Gamma Color Magic chip, which optimizes images in real-time so that you receive clear and lifelike visuals. Built on the Android TV platform, this OnePlus TV provides you access to multiple apps from the Play Store. It also makes entertainment easy and convenient for you with the help of customized recommendations. It also features voice commands to make your entertainment experience smarter. Connect your smartphone with this Android TV with the help of the OnePlus Connect app and enjoy a seamless home entertainment experience. OnePlus Q1 Series is available in a 55-inch variant and is priced at ₹84,899. Available on Amazon.


This smart TV from Samsung is designed to keep your dull moments at bay. Featuring the Quantum Dot technology and the Quantum HDR, this TV delivers clear and distinct visuals with striking colours and contrast. Its Ambient mode also helps you display your favourite pictures on its screen, making it look like a piece of wall art in your home. The Quantum Dot technology, along with 100% colour volume, produces high-quality visuals with superior colour and brightness. This single chip helps enhance the colour and contrast of all visuals on the screen. It features a minimalistic, boundless design that gives it an elegant touch and ensures a cinematic viewing experience. It is available in a 55-inch variant and is priced at ₹88,900. Available on Flipkart.

Mi Q1

The QLED Display with 4K resolution offers an impressive and crystal-clear visual experience. Mi QLED TV comes with a plethora of cutting-end technologies and a stunning design. This home appliance features the Dolby Vision technology for stunning visuals, DTS-HD Audio for immersive sound, and a 96% Screen-to-Body Ratio for distraction-free visuals. You get to watch blur-free visuals, thanks for its fluid display and low-frame rate. This technology optimizes visuals frame-by-frame to boost colour saturation and details. As a result, you get to watch stunning blacks and colours. Dolby Audio gives a life-like aural experience. So, with high-fidelity, multi-level surround sound, you can live the experience right in your living room or bedroom. It is available in a 55-inch variant and is priced at ₹56,999. Available on Flipkart.

Written by Trendated Staff