Top 5 Popular Podcasts Portal in India

A podcast is a compilation of spoken word digital audio files that can be downloaded to a personal computer and listened to. Streaming apps and podcasting platforms make it easy to keep track of your personal consumption queue across many podcast outlets and computers.

A podcast series typically consists of one or more rotating hosts who address a specific subject or current event. A podcast’s discussion and content can range from carefully scripted to completely improvised.


Khabri is India’s fastest growing vernacular audio platform targeted at the next billion internet users. Knowledge has been the cornerstone for the upward economic movement of any society, and we at khabri are committed to delivering that in the most accessible way. Fundamentally, we are looking at changing the very operating system of India. Khabri is a two-way platform that renders immense ease at both creating and consuming content. We were backed at the very inception stage by the likes of YC, GSF accelerator and a lot many other marquee angels. Steadily, as we evolved and learned more and more from our consumers and creators, we adapted and tweaked our tech, product and, in turn, delivery. Consequently, we have the best matrices in terms of engagement, retention and returning users among the best audio platforms. We raised another round of capital for the next level of surge and got the best partners again in Global A-lister angels who believed in our dream.

While offering listeners to discover and consume great audio content, It also offers users an opportunity to create audio content and get discovered. Given the ease of content creation in Audio, content creation is a big hit among audiences from tier II & III states of India. Khabri offers an exclusive array of creators who range from popular YouTubers to housewives. Each creator comes with a unique style and content to give the user chooses to find content best suited to them. The app is free of cost and offers users the option to download the content and consume it offline.


Agrahyah Technologies has launched, an audio-on-demand platform with professionally generated content in vernacular languages. With this, people can listen to podcasts, chat shows, interviews and also read articles and features. is currently available in Hindi, and as both website and Android app. will also have ML (machine learning) and AI (artificial capabilities) based capabilities to recommend and personalize content based on user’s preferences. With the app, people can listen to over 150 hours of audio content which is scripted, recorded, and presented as podcasts and shows. Both audio and text content is spread across multiple genres including entertainment, lifestyle, health, fiction, literature, devotional, comedy, humour and more.


Audiomatic is India’s first podcast network that launched in April 2015. As of June 2015, the website hosts four programmes, each of which has episodes ranging from 15–20 minutes. The podcasts are either weekly or fortnightly, and offer content in genres such as food, science, culture, current affairs, entertainment and humour.

As of June 2015, Audiomatic has four podcasts – The Real Food Podcast, The Intersection, Ask Aakar Anything and Our Last Week. All the programmes are in English, and release a new episode fortnightly, except Ask Aakar Anything, which is a weekly podcast. The Real Food Podcast is hosted by food writer Vikram Doctor, who explores ingredients and Indian food habits and obsessions. According to the show’s page on Audiomatic’s website, the podcast offers information about the origins of and legends associated with various Indian ingredients and


Headfone specializes in vernacular podcasts, talk shows, short stories, and other forms of audio content. Its podcasts on religion and spirituality, kids and family, news and politics (including the PM’s Mann Ki Baat) are quite popular. Interestingly, Headfone lets users record their own podcasts and publish them on a public profile.


Castbox is an app that distributes free podcasts. As of 2019, it has about one million podcasts available through it, including about fifty million podcast episodes. It also has a premium platform. In June 2019, Castbox integrated with Waze, allowing playback controls to pause, skip, or restart episodes.

In addition to its library of podcasts from other distributors, Castbox also produces its shows. In 2018, Castbox partnered with Heard Well on the podcast series Heard Well Now, which highlights early-career musical artists. As of 2018, Castbox produced 25 different original podcasts, with This Sounds Serious being released in 2019.


Podcasts is a media player application developed by Apple Inc. for playing podcasts from the iTunes Store. It is available for the iOS,  iPadOS, tvOS,  watchOS, and macOS operating systems. A standalone Podcasts app was initially released for iOS on June 26, 2012, after formerly being a section of the iTunes app. It was followed by launches on Apple TV on September 24, 2012, tvOS on January 26, 2016, and watchOS on September 17, 2018. It was released with macOS Catalina on October 7, 2019, as one of three applications created to replace iTunes.

Written by Trendated Staff