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    Beyerdynamic’s new T1 & T5 Tesla Hi-Fi Headphones Cost ₹94,599/-

    Beyerdynamic has unveiled its third generation of Tesla Hi-Fi headphones – T1 and T5. These two new headphones offer audiophiles optimized acoustics and a design that’s yet another step closer to perfection. The design quality of the T1 and T5 headphones was also identified by the German Design Award 2021, who honoured them as winners […] More

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    beyerdynamic ready to Launch new Headphones in India on 10 September

    One of the most successful German brand beyerdynamic teased new headphones coming in India on 10 September 2020. beyerdynamic is known for its high sound quality headphones manufacturer is unveiling its 3rd generation headphones that the company claims to bring the experience level to new heights. These 3rd generation cans feature specially prepared transducers that […] More