Boult Audio Launched ‘AirBass FX1’ Earbuds with Low Latency for Gaming

Boult Audio has launched the next-iteration of low-latency TWS earbuds ‘AirBass FX1’. Boult Audio has intended specifically towards smartphone gamers and those who travel a lot, the new TWS earbuds offer lower latency for gaming and movies, deep bass and superior audio for music and calls, and 24-hour long battery life for those continuously out on the road.

The Boult Audio AirBass FX1 TWS earbuds sport rich colours and mild accents, the AirBass FX1 is available in Black, Blue and White. The FX1 is designed with lightweight materials to eliminate fatigue. Additionally, an IPX5 sweat, water and dust resistant enclosure ensures longevity and additionally resists damage during sweaty workouts or if caught in mild showers. Lastly, the uniquely carved bud design together with the silicone tips help cut passive noises.

The Boult Audio AirBass FX1 TWS feature dynamic drivers that deliver a powerful bass to help enrich the overall audio performance. Built using Bluetooth v5.0, the AirBass FX1 spontaneously pairs with the host when opening the case lid and also holds a stronger connection at distances of up to 10 meters. The FX1 is best for gamers too – with an ultra low-Latency audio delivery (<120ms), and enjoy gaming or movies without any noticeable audio lag. And lastly, the AirBass FX1 runs for up to 8 hours on a single charge, and the case can fast charge the buds up to four times each to offer a total playback time of 24 hours. The charging case now houses a USB Type-C port allowing for faster charging so users don’t have to wait longer to top up the AirBass FX1.

The Boult Audio AirBass FX1 TWS earbuds use Hall Switches helping it to instantaneously pair with the smartphone or tablet on opening the case’s lid. The FX1 can also be utilised as individual earbuds (monopod feature) which is great for those who prefer using a single bud for quick videos or instant phone calls. Simply use one earbud while the other rests in the charging case. This feature also provides the FX1 to double its battery life by almost 48 hours, or even more. Lastly, the earbuds feature touch controls, making it simpler to control calls, music, audio volume or voice assistants with just the touch of the fingertip.


The Boult Audio AirBass FX1 TWS earbuds will be available in Black, Blue and White colours for an exclusive price of ₹1499 on Amazon with a 1-year standard industry warranty period.

Written by Shintu Dhang