RAEGR’s New Wireless Charger Can Charge Three Devices Simultaneously

RAEGR has launched a new product which can charge your three devices at a time. It’s a RAEGR Arc 1350, a Triple Wireless Charging Mat that can charge three wireless-charging enabled devices including Apple iPhones and Apple Watch.

Commenting on the new launch, Ajesh George, MD, RAEGR said, “Arc 1350 resolves the most common need related to charging multiple devices simultaneously, using a single device , single power input , and that too wirelessly .”

The RAEGR Arc 1350 is a unique wireless charging mat features three wireless charging coils providing up to 10W of power by simply placing them on it. While the two coils can charge Qi-compatible devices, such as smartphones from Apple, Google and Samsung, or TWS earbuds from Apple or Samsung, the centre coil is exclusively for wirelessly charging an Apple Watch.

Apple users would too appreciate the RAEGR Arc 1350 as this single Wireless Charging Mat can simultaneously charge their iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods. Now with Arc 1350, there is no more waiting to charge each device individually. Users can simultaneously charge two different smartphones together with an Apple Watch too. All you need is a USB Type-A or Type-C wall charger, and the wireless charger provides power on all the three devices simultaneously. All you need is a 20-25W adapter to output wireless power transmission on all the three devices simultaneously.

The RAEGR Arc 1350 has a slim and light-weight ABS body which makes it notably portable and fit for travel. The left and right charging areas feature anti-slip silicone threads to help prevent the smartphone from sliding or falling off. The middle charger has a dimple to adapt the shape of the Apple Watch. There are LED indicators on the pad that signify the charging status. The RAEGR 1350 Arc is case-friendly, means you can leave your smartphone case on while wirelessly charging it on the mat. The RAEGR Arc 1350 is also Qi-Certified and features safety protection for temperature control, over-current protection, over-voltage protection and short-circuit protection.

The RAEGR Arc 1350 comes along with two Type-C cables for use with any wall charger, be it QC 3.0 or Type-C PD. It features four types of automatic charging modes – 2.5W, 5W, 7.5W and 10W for a range of compatible devices such as earbuds, apple watch and smartphones. The RAEGR Arc 1350 Triple Wireless Charging Mat comes in Black colour and is available for ₹2,999 on Amazon India and Flipkart. It even provides warranty of 1 Year + Extra 6 months on registration/activation.

Written by Shintu Dhang