Truecaller Simplifies Communication with new Update

Truecaller, one of the popular Caller ID application received a complete redesign of its app for both Android and iOS users globally. The latest version simplifies your calls history, SMS and Instant Messages conversations into a single tab, the new Home screen. This makes it easy to check all the communication at a glance.

Additionally, besides this new update, Truecaller also released two huge features; a full-screen caller ID and Smart SMS.

“Communication in 2020 is easier in many ways, but also complicated by the vast amount of ways to connect with people and information. There is a need to streamline this experience, we believe. In recent years we have seen how Truecaller has become your communication hub where all spam – calls and SMS – is identified and there is no need to switch between different apps for calls and messages. With this update we want to make it even more easier for our users to have streamlined communication.” said Sandeep Patil, Managing Director at Truecaller. He added that “At a time when we should be working to support each other in unity, it is unfortunate to see many scammers and fraudsters trying to capitalize on these difficult times. For over a decade now, Truecaller has been the main line of defense against such activity.”

Key Features of the All-New Truecaller: –


Home Tab is where users can find all messages and calls merged into a single list. Now with a single click, users can start the conversation to make a voice call, VoIP call, chat, text and more.


Hate Truecaller pop-ups which sometimes overlays pop-up and block important buttons? The latest update delivers Full-Screen Caller ID, and you can instantly see who’s calling with a full-screen design rather than having a small floating pop-up. Also, even if you switch your phone, the interface remains the same, and you get all the features you would typically get on your phone’s calling interface. The Caller ID showcases colours to identify what type of call it is: blue for calls from contacts or unknown numbers, purple for Priority calls from businesses or delivery services, red for known spammers, and gold for users with upgraded Gold accounts.


According to Truecaller, Smart SMS uses advanced, on-device machine learning to automatically distribute messages into four distinct groups: Personal, Important, Others, and Spam. You’ll find all financial & payment notifications in the Important tab, to keep track of bills, payments and budgets. You can prefer to pay a transactional SMS right from the app or have Truecaller remind you later.

In future updates, truecaller will add travel reminders like flight delays, bus seat allocation, live tracking & updates on postal/courier deliveries, tax updates and hospital/doctor appointments.

According to Truecaller, they respect privacy, so all these processing occurs offline, and no message leaves the mobile device. All transactional information is securely stored on the smartphone. This feature will be India first for all Android users.

Written by Shintu Dhang