ViewSonic launched X100-4K+ LED Projector with Wide Lens Shift and Low Fan Noise

ViewSonic has launched a brand-new X100-4K+ UHD home theatre LED projector in India. The new projector offers 2,900 LED Lumens brightness with 2nd generation LED technology, HDR imaging, cinema supercolor+ technology with 125% Rec.709 and Harman Kardon- customised audio design to present excellent audio-visual quality.

In the era of streaming, home cinemas need smart audio-visual devices that realise the highest standards of comfort and convenience. The newest intelligent functionalities of X100-4K+ projector raise the bar of experiences much higher for home entertainment. It presents consumers with excellent value for money and the pleasure of enjoying supersized 4K content in their living rooms with multiple connectivity options giving a cinematic experience perfect for movie buffs and home entertainment enthusiasts.

Featuring ViewSonic’s unique wide lens shift, the X100-4K+ will fit perfectly into any home with a wide lens shift range of (H: +/- 25%, V: +60%). Users can customise the location of the projected image without moving the projector. With a 20dB fan noise lower than the ticking of a watch, one can be fully immersed in the pure viewing experience. The X100-4K+ has a fashionable product design with built-in smart technologies, and it arrives with an excellent audio-visual quality which doesn’t need an external sound system for an unbeatable home cinema experience. ViewSonic gives a full line-up of smart LED projectors for a wide range of applications, combining the latest audio-visual technologies with smart integrated functionality and can connect with mobile devices, home networks, and content services for a seamless viewing experience. 

“The launch comes, bearing in mind the current times when people understand the importance of home entertainment that now reflects users’ lifestyle and living patterns. With this announcement, ViewSonic aims to deliver the new smart features which give a whole new experience of home entertainment,” said Mr. Muneer Ahmad, AV Head, ViewSonic India. “We are delighted to launch world’s 1st LED home cinema projector with wide lens shift in its segment* to give our audience the perfect, convenient and truly immersive, big-screen home cinema experience. X100-4K+ projector comes with the power-packed features, premium design and excellent audio-visual quality in their everyday home cinema lives”, he added.

The ViewSonic X100-4K+ projector has a built-in app centre from multiple content providers directly and supports for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant via voice control. The projector is priced at ₹3,85,000/-

Written by Shintu Dhang