Why will this UX role grow fastest in 2021?

The first impression is the last, this statement is undoubtedly true. Today, we surrender to whatever looks great and interesting to the eyes which eventually says that YES design has an imperative impact on everybody. 

A report says that ‘Visual data is processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text.’
The digital world is developing quickly. With the digital breeze blowing everywhere, individuals are presently looking for online services and products. UX involves the use of design to generate products that provide customers a meaningful experience. This includes the conception of the entire acquisition and integration process, including branding, design, usability, and functionality aspects. 

UX isn’t restricted to just design, however, there is much more to it. This is the fundamental motivation behind why the UX role is expanding even more in 2021. We have bifurcated the role of UX into three stages that equally play an important role and have their own significance.

This article will brief you about how the UX role will grow rapidly in 2021.


The way we communicate with the world has taken a sudden shift both digitally and physically because of the global Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown. People have not only started to spend more time online; but they’ve also started to think and act differently. Naturally, Covid-19 has impacted the current state of UX and built a base that changes the dynamics of UX designs hereon.

UX design is a competitive area that brings us new trends every year. Regardless of how impactful your digital asset is, it is still weak if it’s incorporated into a poor or out-of-date design. This is the reason why UX designs should be followed intently. The most awesome experience should be offered to convert initial users into faithful customers.

Adopting Minimalism to Maximize the Interaction

Did you know?
“Only 1% of users click on slider content!”

According to statistics

To Encourage User Engagement your designs need to connect with your users. People these days prefer minimalistic designs, hence to make customer-centric and user-friendly designs it is advised to keep your designs simple yet creative.

Minimalism doesn’t mean that your design has to be dull, it defines rich and proficient. A vibrant combination with a limited number of colors and design elements is a must. Besides, the functionality of elements come to the forefront and the ability to accurately highlight product features and convey the right message takes a lot of imagination. For a minimalist approach, it is important to have clear content, messages and navigation for users.

UX design gives wings to your brand to help unleash the imagination and come up with something fresh and exciting.

To find what fits your business needs, you should know the current market pattern along with the newly emerging ones too, only then you will be able to give your users an amazing experience.


No matter how nice or great your product or service is, if your User Experience is not up to the mark you will inevitably lose your customers. This will affect your business in a negative way. 

Today, the digital market is booming and with this, the competition becomes tough too. You don’t have to maintain the quality of your product. But you have to keep a good look on the quality of service and experience that you put on the plate for your customers.

User Experience describes the overall experience of the user on your website or m-site based on how convenient and enjoyable it is to use. When you develop UX, you create an easy-to-use environment for your audience to engage with your brand. This marks their loyalty and satisfaction and boosts the chances of their return to your business.

Did you know?
“When UX improves the Customer Experience, it raises a company’s KPIs to 83% in conversion lift.”

User Experience is critical because it offers visibility into what customers want and expect from your brand. Failing to deliver will prove catastrophic for your brand, so you should pay attention to the smaller details too.

Personalization is the New Trend

Personalization is a diverse trend to provide a better User Experience. Its USP is that it fulfills the needs and requirements of users and gives great results. It attracts the inherent essence and needs of human beings.

The chart below shows the study of how personalization enhances User Experience and increases brand value.

The role of User Experience will grow fastest from 2021 as it boosts the conversion rate for businesses and makes them more efficient.


According to a research, fixing an error after development is up to 100 times as expensive as it would have been before development.

This is why UX designers have also enhanced their way of working by stepping to a more advanced and digital approach of working. Their usual tasks vary and involve user study, developing personas, designing wireframes and interactive prototypes as well as testing designs. 

Eventually, organizations also often require designers to be the users’ advocates and hold the users’ interests at forefront of all design and development efforts. 

That’s also why most UX designers work in user-centered work process and keep channeling their best-informed efforts until they solve all of the related issues and user needs.

Wrapping it Up!

Well, UX is certainly a combination of all aspects that make it much stronger and are sure to boost its growth in the coming years. A good design, satisfactory user experience, and great UX designers giving 100% to their work will definitely boost the role of UX fastest in 2021. Many organizations have already paced up in the race to provide a better User Experience and understand the strategic importance of getting it right.

We still have a way to go since 2021 just started, lets see how smoothly the part of UX will change and fill in the coming time.

AUTHOR: Mr. Mohar V, CEO & Co-founder at TECHVED Consulting

Written by Trendated Staff