Redragon Launched Wired RGB Gaming Speakers

Redragon has launched three new wired desktop RGB gaming speakers that allow you to concentrate on your game while improving the immersive experience of your gameplay. The Adiemus GS560 is an RGB 2.0 Desktop Wired USB Soundbar while the Anvil GS520 and Waltz GS510 are wired RGB USB 2.0 Desktop Gaming Speakers. The three new entries in Redragon’s audio segment are meant to enhance your gaming and entertainment sessions with a twist of ambient lights.

Adiemus GS560 is an RGB 2.0 Desktop Wired USB Soundbar:

When it comes to entertainment, especially movies and gaming, the audio needs to be perfect. The Adiemus GS560 is exactly the audio accessory that you should get for your desk. Designed with slick looks to blend into your work desk, sitting right below the monitor, it’s the perfect placement to experience the best of its audio performance. Featuring upgraded twin 4W drivers to deliver crystal clear audio with rich bass, your movies, quick videos, and gaming sessions are enhanced to the next level. Adding to the immersive audio experience is the music-synced dynamic and static RGB lighting which creates a stunning effect while you game or enjoy music. This 16-inch desktop soundbar is super easy to operate too — USB-powered with a 3.5mm audio jack, this little wonder is completely plug-n-play. And its delicate, handy, and compact classic volume knob combined with an on/off switch offers you a convenient and precise audio adjustment. Use it for your laptop on your work desk, by your bedside for some soothing audio while you relax, or hook it to your TV — this speaker is available for an MRP of ₹2,990.

Anvil GS520 and Waltz GS510 USB Wired RGB Desktop Speakers:

When you need that perfect stereo placement for a superior aural experience, both the left and right channel speakers need to be placed at the right distance and angles. Engineered with a tilted design, the Anvil GS520 and Waltz GS510 speakers are capable of sending the best of their audio straight toward your ears. Its bold looks blend in some awesome touch-controlled RGB lighting so you can choose up to modes for a different vibe — perfect to work along with your music, movies, and gaming sessions. Solid audio performance with two full-range drivers, these speakers offer superior bass and rich sound with up to 3 watts of audio power. Both speakers are USB-powered with a 3.5mm audio jack that makes it completely plug-n-play. If you prefer an analog and easy-to-use volume control, the Waltz is your best choice, while for those who prefer the digital way, the Anvil sports the volume and mute buttons right up front. The Anvil GS520 and Waltz GS510 USB Powered Desktop 2.0 RGB Gaming Speakers are available for an MRP of ₹2,490 and ₹1,990 respectively.

The Redragon Adiemus GS560, Anvil GS520, and Waltz GS510 RGB 2.0 Speakers are available on and  on best offer pricing.

Written by Shintu Dhang