iFFALCON Launched the F2A Series with AI Technology and Micro Dimming

iFFALCON has launched its F2A Series televisions with AI-powered and comes with a built-in Chromecast and Google app store, the TV also features an A+ grade Full HD Panel and HDR.

Commenting on the F2A series launch on Amazon, Mike Chen, General Manager, TCL India said, “iFFALCON from the house of TCL focuses on bringing the latest entertainment technology to the Indian market at the affordable price range. We are continuously working towards innovating and implementing high-end technologies in our products. Adding to this he said, “the F2A series is a great choice for consumers who wish to experience the best audio and visuals. The TV features smart technologies that allow the users to view their favourite content hassle-free.”

The iFFALCON F2A series arrives with display features like Micro Dimming and Dynamic contrast. The Micro Dimming feature analyzes the content in 512 separate zones and then automatically adjusts the brightness and darkness. The AI Technology and Google Voice Search make navigation much easier. The F2A series comes with a built-in Google Assistant that allows users to access their favourite content whenever they want. The iFFALCON Voice Remote assists you find what you are looking for with ease without toggling with the navigation bar. The use of HDR Technology produces dazzling images with the right amount of reproduction of light and dark shades. It also allows the users to view HDR content via all sources.

The Dolby Audio, Built-in Stereo Speaker and Smart Volume feature together give the users the best audio experiences. While the Dolby Audio helps the user experience clear, rich and uninterrupted sound, the Built-in speaker ensures that the audio quality is enhanced further. The Smart Volume feature frees the user from the hassle of adjusting the sound according to the content they are watching. This feature automatically modifies the volume according to the content being played on the Television.

With the Sports Mode on users can now indulge in live sports action to the fullest. This mode optimizes the sound and image quality as per the sports that the user is watching and allows the users to enjoy the game even more.

The iFFALCON F2A series is available on Amazon at a price starting from ₹13,499/-

Written by Trendated Staff