Hohem iSteady X is Compact & Lightweight Gimbal, Launched in India

If you are anxious to find a 3-axis smartphone Gimbal camera, Hohem has launched the iSteady X Gimbal for Smartphones in India at a price tag of ₹6990/-.

Mobile Gimbal is in huge demand these days due to its amazing features like stabilization and transition that can be shot with this gimbal, which is impossible with a hand. Videographers and professional camera operators all use a gimbal to take some fantastic shot which is near impossible without a gimbal. 

Hohem iSteady X is one of the compact size gimbal in the industry. It includes Stabilizing, 3-axis system, ultra-lightweight, easy to use and flexibility as the highlighted features. There are some in-depth understanding of its features.


Undoubtedly, high motion videos and shaky movements can ruin the content, especially if for the smartphone user. That is why an advanced mobile gimbal can handle the shaky movements and provide the stabilized quality of the video. With iSteady X’s upgraded 3.0 anti-shaky stabilization and 3-axis system, it offers you a smooth result of any footage.


iSteady X is one of the impressive gimbal when it comes to weight and size. According to Hohem, iSteady X is the world’s lightest 3-axis mobile gimbal with only 259 grams, just as light as a smartphone. It is designed as an ultra-compact gimbal with a foldable feature which makes it easy to hand into a palm or put in the pocket and handbag.


iSteady X comes with simple control buttons and App guide, making it easy for beginners and can learn quickly on how to use the gimbal in a few steps. Just one touch on button or App screen, you will directly get some cinematic shot and creative video templates. For example, if you desire to take a perfect rotation video, and you don’t want to do it manually. Just prefer inception mode on the app, and iSteady X will rotate automatically.

Hohem iSteady X is currently available for purchase on Amazon India for a price tag of ₹6990/- 

Written by Shintu Dhang