PicsArt Gold Review: The Ultimate Media Editing Tool

Well, everyone might be familiar with PicsArt app, a photo and video editing mobile application that can quickly help you to edit and share on social media. PicsArt was one of the first apps that offered photo and editing right on your smartphone. A quick edit can bring the images to the next level.

What is PicsArt and PicsArt Gold?

PicsArt is known mostly as a photo editing applications for smartphones. But it is a complete mobile editing powerhouse offers multiple editing features including photo editing, video editing, collage maker, drawing, etc. The PicsArt app is available for FREE on the Android and iOS marketplace, but it is a limited set of essential editing tools and features. That’s where PicsArt offers a Gold subscription.

PicsArt Gold is a premium subscription available on the existing PicsArt app; it unlocks the app’s premium tools. The Gold subscriptions unlock premium photo & video editing tools, no more watermarks, Save images in high-resolution, 50k+ stock images, 5K+ stickers and much more which we will be checking out below.

PicsArt GOLD Experience

For PicsArt Gold, a subscription is all you need to unlock premium features. It means users are offered a full platter of options in every editing. While the interface is similar to PicsArt, the Gold opens extra sets of tools.

Object Removal

Sometimes there are situations when you need to process some pictures to fit your needs, but often there are various obstacles that can be circumvented with object removal feature from PicsArt. Object removal is one of the highly requested tools. PicsArt able to detect and carefully remove the object without any clue left behind. You can remove the people from the background without ruining the pictures.

FLTR Effects

Though PicsArt has a massive library of filters, premium filters can provide an edge over the other available filters. These premium filters have been handpicked by PicsArt team. This vi quickly take the photo and video to a whole new look.


I always assumed that so many people look gorgeous in all their photos on Facebook or Instagram. Now I know how to look attractive. There is a beautify features perfect face structure, flawless skin, bright eyes, remove wrinkles and sparkling teeth. It works well.


stickers are a great way to add spark to the pictures and videos. With Gold, you get a wide variety of stickers right from Hello Kitty stickers to Holiday makeup. While there is plenty of stickers, PicsArt says they have 5K+ stickers in their collection, which is enough for my editing requirements.


Suppose you are like me want to post a picture of you with a beautiful message, but a with Text in pictures. Like a beautiful quote fits my photographs. With Gold, you have a 1K+ option of fonts to choose from, right from Blockography to Sniglet.

Video Editing

Video Editing is another must-have feature available inside PicsArt. The editor takes all of the photo-editing tools you have come to know and love, from effects to stickers, FLTRs and much more, and brings them to video.

Other Benefits

Well, once you edit the pictures, the Gold enables the user to save the edited images at high-resolution. The high-resolution offer far better quality images without any compression, so the output images retains all the data. Another essential feature which you can get from the Gold subscription is the removal of the watermark. There is no more watermark on the images which are edited in PicsArt app.

How Much it Cost?

PicsArt Gold unlocks the app’s premium tools that are available using an in-app purchase of either a monthly(₹199) or annual subscription(₹1199). Subscribers will have access to over 5K+ stickers, 50k+ stock images, 1K+ fonts, 1k+ templates, high-resolution save and no watermark in addition to the free options. That’s just the numbers at the start. However — PicsArt Gold users will also have access to new content delivered bi-weekly. 


PicsArt is a complete media editing software for smartphones; it gives desktop apps a serious run for their money. Though the PicsArt application is FREE for an extent, the PicsArt Gold offers plenty of add-ons that took your editing skills to a whole new level. If you’re looking for a simple way to edit your photos and videos or a more advanced tool for complex editing, it’s well worth your money.

Written by Shintu Dhang